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The unique architecture of KENSHŌ

KENSHŌ Mykonos Architecture

Under the bright sun of Mykonos, a unique architectural style was born. Authentic, simple and timeless, Mykonian architecture leaves no room for anything superfluous or unnecessary.

With stone and natural wood being its main tools, it has given shape to settlements that are known all over the world for their pure minimalism.

Kenshō Ornos respects the values of Mykonian architecture. Nestled in the island’s relief it is fully integrated in the landscape, recalling memories of tradition. The colour palette used, the materials and their textures are all rooted in the history of Mykonos. At the same time state-of-the-art technology and original design icons coexist creating a contemporary and serene personal haven where our guests can truly relax.

In your room, or in the common areas of the hotel, you will find iconic design object by:

  • Dedon
  • Foscarini
  • Gandia Blasco
  • Gervasoni
  • Gessi
  • Imperfetto Lab
  • Kenneth Cobonpue
  • Mogg
  • Riva 1920

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