New measures for Covid-19

KENSHŌ BOUTIQUE HOTELS & VILLAS are even more mindful and committed to your satisfaction.

Temporary measures regarding music restrictions as well as night curfew between 01:00-06:00 a.m. have been just announced and will remain in force for a very short period of time, till July 26th in order to limit the dangerous spread of Covid19 virus, on the island of Mykonos. These precautions will be applied for everybody’s safety.

KENSHŌ BOUTIQUE HOTELS & VILLAS urges you to worry less and continue enjoying your summer vacation. Strict protocols are being implemented regarding hygiene, cleaning and appointment bookings.

We may liaise on behalf of our guests for a rapid or PCR test in our premises or at a certified clinic during their stay or before estimated departure.

We are COVID free hotel establishments, fully accredited and certified by the most reliable organizations and operating according to the latest guidlines of the World Health Organization, HACCP certification as well as the European and Greek authorities’ legislation.

Please do contact us to feel safe. Our staff , which is fully vaccinated, continues smiling to welcome you even behind the mask.

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