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A unique experience of stay, where only the highest standards apply. Rejuvenation, relaxation and a highly personalized set of services are what make Kenshō Boutique Hotels & Villas stand out.

The term “Bohemian Luxury” has a new, substantial meaning at Kenshō Boutique Hotels & Villas, on the sun-drenched landscape of Mykonos.

This immaculate connection of the dreamy landscape with the modern architecture, the traditional craftsmanship of the Aegean and -last but not least- the true values of hospitality, is the cornerstone of the Kenshō philosophy.

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Dining in style

KENSHŌ Ornos Restaurant

An exquisite dining experience awaits you at Kenshō Ornos Restaurant. Our executive chef Nicos Constantinou, inspired by the Greek and Cycladictraditional cuisine, unfolds a journey to modern gastronomy, called Greekology.

Applying contemporary gastronomic techniques, our chef invites our guests to explore the flavors of the Greek cuisine, combining the knowledge of centuries with international trends. The rich culinary culture of Greece provides all the ideas, the inspiration and the ingredients needed for our world-class menu. The result is exceptionally unique, a menu that you can try exclusively at Kenshō Ornos Restaurant.

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& Beauty Powerhouse

KENSHŌ Ornos Spa

An awakening wellness experience in the cave. Two treatment rooms, steam bath rooms, indoor Jacuzzi, tropical rain bed, hair & beauty salon.

This great variety of choices puts together a small universe dedicated to your personal wellness.

Follow the Kenshō philosophy to a world of rejuvenation for all your senses.

The impressive interior design of Kenshō Cave Spa, will make you travel to a real cave while at the same time you will have the opportunity to enjoy moments of rejuvenation and relaxation, choosing between various treatments like color, sound or heat therapy.

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